There are no boring job days at Bellewaerde! The job day for the food service at the park, is a day full of interactive workshops, fun conversations and a goodie bag for every participant. A day full of fun and adventure!

To give interested applicants a good idea of working at Bellewaerde, the park has organized a jobday on the 24th of February, especially for the food service. At the beginning, participants are welcomed by the Smile Manager and King Lion from Bellewaerde.

Next, they are given a short presentation of what working at Bellewaerde really means. After that, they can participate in three workshops: spinning candy floss, making pancakes and baking hamburgers. In just a few minutes, they are taught everything you need to know, thanks to some experienced employees.

After these interactive workshops, there’s a short job interview. Participants also have the time to talk to some employees at Bellewaerde and Randstad. At the end of the day, everyone receives a little goodie bag!