World record attempt to save the Amur leopards

On Tuesday, 29 April 2014, Sam Clauw, a Bellewaerde fan, has beaten the record for the ‘longest marathon on a theme park attraction’ with 50 hours. The previous Guinness World Record stood at 48 hours 8 minutes and 25 seconds and was recorded aboard a Ferris wheel in Chicago (US). Sam established his record on the Pirate Boat attraction in Bellewaerde. He rode it for 50 hours straight.

R.T.S. Voice Data Video Communication, a company from Ypres, was responsible for the registration of the record attempt with observation cameras. 

During the record attempt, Sam collected money to support the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) in their conservation of the Amur leopards. It’s those same leopards that Bellewaerde welcomed half-way June 2014 in the context of an International Breeding Programme and will later on via an ALTA-project reintroduce in the wild.

Support Sam and save the Amur leopards!

Thanks for you support Sam was able to collect € 2.561,44 for ALTA!

With your contribution, ALTA can …

  • Buy a pack of sterile swabs for treatment of wounds in the field (£5).
  • Buy a dart used to anaesthetize the leopards and bring them to a safer area (£15).
  • Buy a Ranger Digital Night Vision Scope for anti-poaching inspectors (£255).
  • Cover the costs per month for fuel and repairs for project vehicle (£600).
  • Provide a gas and air field anesthesia kit for one project (£1000).
  • ...