The staff of Bellewaerde has recently recorded a lipdub video on the new attraction Dawson Duel. A lipdub or lipsync is a popular online videoclip where actors lipsync the lyrics of songs in a playful manner.

This type of videos is generally recorded in high school surroundings with a large crowd and now for the first time in a theme park on an attraction.

About 80 employees participated in the video including attraction operators, restaurant employees, technical staff as well as management. All of them were enthusiastic to record the video.

The purpose of this type of video is to enhance the work environment and the spirit of unity of the park employees so that they can welcome the visitors of Bellewaerde with the biggest smile and the best service this season.

Initiatives like this have recently proven their value when Bellewaerde received the Diamond Themepark Award for park with the Best Service in Belgium for the second time in a row.

From now on the video can be seen on all social media channels of Bellewaerde.