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To guarantee the safety of visitors and employees, a maximum number of visitors is allowed. It's mandatory to book your visit online in advance.

Together, safe in Bellewaerde

Together, safe in Bellewaerde



Let's respect all these measures so that together we can enjoy a day full of fun and adventure!

We keep enough distance

Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres between your family, other visitors and employees. This applies not only to the footpaths, but also to restaurants, souvenir shops and in the queues at the attractions.

We follow in the lion's footsteps

Follow the signs in the park. A path has been laid out so that you can walk around the park in the same direction. Don't panic, you can of course discover all the attractions and animals.

We go in groups to the attractions

Take a seat in the attraction with your own group. Our park staff will ensure that there is enough distance between two groups.

In rides and queues, it is obligatory to wear a mask from the age of 12.

We clean our hands

Follow the general hygiene measures, also during your visit to Bellewaerde. Wash your hands regularly. Disinfectant is also provided at various locations in the park and at each attraction.


We leave enough space for everyone to rest

Resting on a bench? It's quite possible. Keep a sufficient distance between your group and other visitors. In the vast park of no less than 54 ha, everyone has enough space to relax.