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To guarantee the safety of visitors and employees, a maximum number of visitors is allowed. It's mandatory to book your visit online in advance.



Relax in green surroundings

Say goodbye to stress!

Come and unwind in the expansive green surroundings at Bellewaerde. Hundreds of tall broad-leaved trees and conifers provide the green lungs of the park. And a huge variety of shrubs and flowers add colour to the paths and trails. The many ponds and lakes dotted about the park provide even more spots to relax.

Once upon a time, there was … a Castle of Flowers

What’s the biggest source of pride for Bellewaerde’s gardeners? The Castle of Flowers, of course. This beautiful fairy-tale castle was built for Bellewaerde’s 40th anniversary in 1994. Every year, the castle is adorned with over 200,000 colourful summer flowers. So it’s no surprise that the castle is the favourite photo spot for so many families wanting a picture to commemorate their day at Bellewaerde. 

The Green Team

A team of green-fingered gardeners roll up their sleeves every day to keep every little bit of nature at Bellewaerde in tip-top condition. So that you can just come and unwind in the loveliest surroundings.

Did you know?

Bellewaerde also has its own water treatment plant with a reed bed! Every day, 120,000 litres of water are purified here in an environmentally friendly way.

> Visit the water treatment plant with your school