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Frequently asked questions


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Access to the park

  • Can we stay overnight near Bellewaerde Park?

    Yes, you can check out the various accommodations in the area on this page: accommodations.

  • Do I need to book my visit in advance?

    Booking in advance is no longer required to visit Bellewaerde Park.

  • Can I enter the park with my ticket on a day marked as "sold out?"

    No. You will not be allowed to enter the park if it is full.

  • When visiting Bellewaerde Park, can I leave the park and then re-enter?

    Yes, but you must request a stamp at the exit before leaving.

  • Does the park have a dress code?

    Yes. For safety and hygiene reasons, both adults and children are required to wear shoes, a t-shirt and trousers.

  • When my child is measured at the park entrance, will the thickness of the soles be included in the height measurement?

    Yes, the thickness of the soles is taken into account when measuring height. It is not possible to ask to remove shoes before entering each attraction to check the child's height. Because shoes are required when entering an attraction, height is always measured with shoes on.

  • Can I rent a locker at Bellewaerde Park?

    Lockers are available to visitors in which you can store all your belongings safely during your visit to Bellewaerde. The use of a locker costs €2.50. Lockers are located at entrance Lion. Your identity card will be required as a deposit.

  • Are dogs allowed inside the park?

    For safety and hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed in the park. We can, however, admit guide dogs for the blind if an application is submitted in advance.

    You can, however, use the kennels at the park entrance free of charge. Water is provided in the kennel. You must provide any food yourself. When using the kennels, you will receive a key to your dog's kennel. During the day, you can visit your dog and let them out. Please request access to the kennel from the Infostand.