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Frequently asked questions


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During my visit

  • When visiting Bellewaerde Park, can I leave the park and then re-enter?

    Yes, but you must request a stamp at the exit before leaving.

  • Am I allowed to feed the animals?

    No, feeding the animals is not allowed in the park. Each animal has a special diet prepared by the caretakers.

  • Can I rent a locker at Bellewaerde Park?

    Lockers are available to visitors in which you can store all your belongings safely during your visit to Bellewaerde. The use of a locker costs €2.50. Lockers are located at entrance Lion. Your identity card will be required as a deposit.

  • Are animals outside when it is cold?

    When it is cold, animals can choose to stay inside or go outside.

  • I lost something during my visit to Bellewaerde. What do I do now?

    Give a description and your details to our customer service team using the contact form. Found objects will be kept for 2 weeks.

  • Can I rent a wheelchair at the park?

    Certainly. You can rent a wheelchair for free at entrance Lion and entrance Mexico. As the number of wheelchairs is limited, we ask that you reserve them in advance. You can fill in the contact form or call +32(0)57-46 86 86.

  • Can I hire a stroller at the park?

    For €5, you can hire a stroller at El Bazar near entrance Mexico and at Fantasy Shop near entrance Lion. Stroller wagons are not available.

  • Are baby changing tables available at the park?

    Of course. Changing tables are available in the restrooms.

  • Are all attractions open in case of rain?

    All attractions remain open when it rains. Only in case of thunderstorms or strong winds will a decision possibly be made to close the attractions for the safety of visitors.

  • What is the minimum height to be allowed on the attractions at Bellewaerde Park?

    Consult the “Attractions” page to find out the minimum length for the attractions. Shoes are required to enter an attraction, therefore the measurement is always carried out with shoes on.

  • I am pregnant. Will I have access to all of the attractions?

    Entry to some attractions is discouraged or prohibited. Please go to the attraction page to check this for each attraction.

    Of course, in addition to the attractions, there are the animals to admire up close, as well as the Stunt & Dive Show.

  • Is a list of allergens available for each restaurant?

    Yes, you can check the list of allergens here, or you can ask a staff member in the restaurant.

  • Am I allowed to touch the animals?

    No, for safety reasons you are not allowed to touch the animals.