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Mobile app

Mobile app

The park in your back pocket

App-lause for the app!

Want to see how long the queue is at Dawson Duel, Huracan or Niagara? Or are you looking for the nearest restaurant for a bite to eat? You can find all this and more on the free Bellewaerde app. 

Before your visit

With the Bellewaerde app, you can prepare your visit to the park down to the last detail: 

  • Order tickets via the app, and avoid having to queue at the cash desk.
  • See the park map, mark your favourite attractions and save them in My Day.
  • Check who can enter the different attractions.

During your visit

On the day of your visit, the Bellewaerde app gives you the park in your back pocket:

  • See queue lengths and walking times to the attractions. 
  • Check the times of the shows and animal training sessions, and set a reminder for the events you don’t want to miss.

Download the mobile app with the QR code below